Parental Involvement

We Encourage Parental Involvement

There are several ways families can get involved in promoting the child's school readiness at home, in the Head Start program and in the community. ICHS encourages families to become actively engaged in their child's education, by providing opportunities for the family to participate in parent and child activities in the classroom, at the center and in the community.

All these activities are planned to include an educational opportunity that is interactive and fun for both adults and children. These activities are available for all Head Start families and are scheduled for day, evening and weekends to allow for the maximum participation.

Indiana County Head Start encourages all families to become involved in the program. Our basic philosophy is "Parents are the primary educators of their children."

Families can get involved by:

  • Attending Head Start family activities and functions

  • Riding the bus, volunteering in the classroom, and assisting in the kitchen

  • Attending parent activities/trainings, and parent/teacher planning times

  • Serving in the parent group, on a special committee or on the Policy Council

  • Providing trainings for other parents or the children

Parents and Families involved in Head Start:

  • Are more knowledgeable about their child's learning and development

  • Are more likely to continue involvement when their child enters the public school system

  • Have increased involvement with their children

  • Have increased self-confidence

  • Are more aware of community resources

  • Feel they have more control over their lives