Early Head Start

Early Head Start is a home based program which helps parents be the first and best influence on their children.

Early Head Start is a year round and comprehensive early childhood development home visiting program that is designed to reinforce and respond to the needs of individual infants and toddlers along with their families.

Early Head Start Families are supported by an 1 1/2 hours weekly home visit and bi-weekly group socialization. EHS strives to promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, enhance the development of very young children ages 0-3 years, and support healthy family functioning.

Early Head Start Family Educators and parents choose a topic or activity to work on each week. The family educator shows the parent what to do and the parent teaches it to the child. One goal of a family educator is to help each parent be the best teacher in their child's life.

Family educators can link a family to other agencies for basic needs like utilities and food, job training, child care for working parents, and a number of other concerns.

The Health Specialist, a registered nurse, visits the home from time to time. The Health Specialist helps families to find medical and dental care and makes sure infants and toddlers are receiving their immunizations on a regular basis.

The Health Specialist servers as a resource to parents on special topics such as nutrition, safety, infant and toddler health, as well as, mental wellness for the whole family.

What are parents saying about the program?

The biggest reason I enjoy the Head Start program is because of the involvement parents are encouraged to have with their children and the rest of the children while in school. I spend around 2 hours everyday in Kathy's classroom and EVERYDAY I leave with a smile on my face.

I LOVE how compassionate, hands on, and caring both her an Heather are with each child's individual needs and personality. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be introduced to this program and ALL of the people who are involved in it.